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    @Anonymous ""bendydick cumblybunch and footy-man. I do not like either of these actors" For someone who claims to dislike those actors, you sure wasted your time and energy on them."

    look, benedict, I’m sorry. you have a weird face

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    bendydick cumblybunch and footy-man. I do not like either of these actors

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    I drew Hot Moroni for my friend Neil

    he drew me a horse assassin


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    cool drawing dummy.

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    I thought godzilla was fucking awesome so I drew this weird bootleg bearded dragon thing. NOJIRA

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    pink gold peach is terrifying and I love her. got the idea from lyndsay

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    We’re officially at 62% funded, with $7,396 of our $12,000 goal backed. Thank you all so much for your encouragement and contributions thus far! If you haven’t already, please do share the kickstarter with friends and family—signal boosting goes a long way. We have 3 days left to reach our goal on June 6th at 2AM.

    Self-portrait sketches are almost completely gone with 14 of the 100 slots still open—so if you’d like a personal guro sketch of yourself (or a friend) be one of the next 14 next backers to back $45 or more for incentives.

    We’re also currently running a tumblr raffle, if you’d like to participate check it out: Here. The Raffle ends on June 4th at 1:00 AM EDT. You have the potential to win a custom poster AND a copy of the book if our kickstarter is funded. So share, share share.

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    Vertebrae is 73% funded, at $8,805 out of 12K. WE’RE IN THE HOME STRETCH - 64 HOURS LEFT TO GO!!

    Also, I shortened the post.

    they’re really close and have been making about $1k a day for the last 4 days so I mean, no doubt in my mind that this can be funded but YOU ARE NEEDED GREATLY

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    did this for mother’s day

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    sneaky-ass preview of CAPSULE CRITTERS

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    A thing for a thing we’ve been working on for a while.


    Devaki Neogi (Art)
    Neil Lalonde (Colors)
    Me (Words)

    a project I spilled pink and turquoise all over and am super proud to be part of!

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    I wrote a Fast & Furious christmas fanfic for my good friends Fiona and Ben that I kinda forgot about until now, the middle of march, WHATEVER. I believe I wrote it within the week after paul walker died and it handles that VERY MATURELY. enjoy!




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    commissions wow cool

    haha so GET THIS I’m about $300 lower in money than I’d like to be and I guess that’s good enough a reason as any to open up commissions! The only things I’ll be offering run a little more expensive because honestly ‘a sketch’ from me is a waste of both of our time, and by the time it’s refined, it’s basically been inked. and if I’m gonna ink these, I might as well colour them (it really ties my work together). these are ALL DIGITAL yo!

    busts are gonna run you $30 CAD (I’d be happy to draw your pet for this amount too but a friggin skyrim dragon does not count as a pet)

    exampleha this is just cropped from a larger image but you get the idea 

    bodies up to around the knee you’re looking at $60 also CAD

    examplefuck yeww 

    sorry the examples are the same character but it’s the best work I can show at the mo!

    if you want something really flashy with a big painted background we can talk about it, though you’re not looking at less than $100. if you want comic pages we can talk as well, but none of your creepy inflated pony porn because are you kidding me

    examplehere’s a panel of my comic whoaa 

    I can probably draw anything you want me to, but I reserve the right to reject anything. ask me! I will almost certainly be cool with it

    right now there’s no finite number of slots, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I have as much as I think I can handle. as far as payment goes, I’ll ask you to paypal me that once I’m comfortably started and before I show you anything. I admittedly log out of tumblr whenever I’m not uploading a post, so please email me or I will miss you (noooo) at illustruction dot gmail dot com! feel free to email if you’ve got any questions as well!

    thanks a lot, stay lovely!

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    backgrounds for the last 3 panels of this scene! spoilers I guess, there is a bridge railing

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